HOPE has committed to providing quality programs

FREE to the public in order to reach as many current

and future pet owners as possible.

Kate Wilson and JC Adams traveled from the Ann Arbor area to present our first Canine Body Language seminar.  It was well attended and very informational.  Attendees learned new ways to read and communicate with familiar and unknown canines. Visual aids included were graphs, still photos of signals and video of actual body language tells.  They have promised to return in the future!

Feline Trap Neuter Return certification class.  Given FREE to the public. Our participants received a ‘Cat Card’ that provides discounted spay and neuter procedures through www.AllAboutAnimalsRescue.org. Providing education to lower the population of feral and community cats.


A hands-on workshop to provide shelter during the cold Michigan winters.  Through donations, HOPE provided all of the materials for our class for FREE. In three hours we helped send almost 20 shelters into the community. We have follow ups from attendees that continued to build shelters all winter!

Our first large scale fundraising event! Unwelcome bad publicity shadowed A Dog’s Purpose’s premier. HOPE chose to support the film and use it as a educational tool to illustrate how even well trained animals can become scared in unfamiliar settings.  The movie itself touched on many ‘Hot Buttons’ for animal lovers. Stray litters, puppy mills, auto/ heat dangers, chained dogs and dogs without identification (microchip or tags). It also included valuable lessons in training, empathy, vet care, belonging and end of life situations.  We raised almost $1000, and learned a lot doing it!  We call that a success!

In the spirit of cooperation, HOPE gathered 10 area rescue organizations and members of the animal loving public. The purpose was to build the numbers of local fosters available to our fellow animal advocates and answer any questions that the public had that may prevent them from offering a safe temporary place for an orphaned pet.  It worked! This will be a regularly scheduled event. Together we can accomplish more!




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