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What We Do


We are HOPE, a non profit organization dedicated to helping orphaned pets by educating the public.

Who we are

HOPE is an IRS designated 501(c)3 that intends to make a big impact on the amount of animals in our shelters. By focusing on education of the public, our goal is to reduce the numbers of animals that shelter staff, rescues and volunteers work so hard to find homes for. Spay and neuter, obedience training, and hardship are just some of the topics and problems we would like to tackle.  We are currently operating out of Genesee County Michigan but will be striving to bring education and community outreach across the state.

How we got started

concept-hope-genesee-county-michigan-helping-orphaned-petsAs volunteers for our local animal shelter, it became increasingly obvious that all the efforts to help the animals after they arrive at the shelter were not working. We were spending hours upon hours walking dogs, networking for new homes, finding rescue and arranging transport. The next day the cages were full again. There were an unlimited amount of Orphaned Pets. They just kept coming.

Speaking with adopters and the public, we recognized a desperate need for people to understand what could reduce these numbers. An idea begin to form, why not reach out to communities? School children? Potential adopters? What if we got people hooked on taking their dog to obedience class? Taught impressionable kids about the social needs of their companion animals? Provided free courses for potential adopters to help determine if they were ready for a furry family member? Support local rescues by helping attract quality fosters? We can educate people so the situation wouldn’t escalate to unwanted pets and packed shelters.

The concept began to grow the more we talked about it. We can make a huge difference to the orphaned pets of the future by teaching people today how to prevent unwanted litters, heartworm and life-threatening cancers. By making dog training programs readily available for people to learn how to correct behaviors that, in the past, would have been a reason to surrender your dog. By networking and helping rescues and other animal advocacy groups to educate, promote, and ultimately fund education programs.



Our mission is to educate the community.... We accomplish this through

Local Schools

By educating the next generation of pet owners we can help change a culture.

Community Events

Hope prides itself in being part of our community. We take part in many local events to build awareness. 

Social Media

We utilize social media to get the word out, bring local rescues and animal organizations together in cooperation and educate people. 


HOPE offers informational seminars to educate the community on body language, spay/neuter, vet care, training & the treatment of companion animals.

Local Rescues, Shelters & Vets

We work with pet professionals to provide spay/neuter vouchers, microchip clinics and outreach to help pets & owners in need. 

Personal Training

Our trainers donate time to provide newly adopted shelter pet owners low cost obedience training sessions. Teaching owners how to teach their pets helps create a bond and reduces shelter returns. 

Sister Organizations

We partner with other like organizations to make a bigger impact on our community and to educate people about pets. Promoting cooperation within the rescue sphere. 

Basic Pet Care

We provide resources to acquire low cost/no cost vaccination clinics & pet food.

Community Involvement

Together with the community we will decrease the amount of orphaned pets that crowd our shelters & rescues.

- Maura Cummings

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